HISTORY of Scouting in the Mission Hills Community of

San Diego

In 1918, Troop 20 was organized by the Mission Hills Congregational Church (now the Mission Hills United Church of Christ).


Mission Hills Methodist Episcopal Church (now Mission Hills United Methodist, MHUMC) had many boys in Troop 20 and the adult Troop Committee was heavily staffed with Methodist Members.


1930ís:the Churches sponsored Cub Pack 20 (then called ďCubbingĒ).†††


1947:the Scout Room at the Methodist Church was remodeled and became the permanent home of Troop 20.


The Charters from 1948 to 1956 show co-sponsorship of Troop 20 by both the Mission Hills Congregational Church and the Mission Hills Methodist Church.


From the late 1940ís to the mid 1950ís the churches sponsored Scout Explorer Post 20.


1940ís:Cub Pack 320 was sponsored by the Grant School PTA, eventually absorbed by the Churches.


In 1945-46, Sea Scout Patrol 20 was registered with the Boy Scouts of America.


In the mid 1950ís, Troop 20 grew to over eighty Scouts, so it was split in two:

††††††††††††††††††††††† Troop 218 sponsored by Mission Hills Methodist, and

††††††††††††††††††††††† Troop 219 sponsored by Mission Hills Congregational Church.


Mid-1960ís:†† Explorer Post 220 (Search and Rescue) was sponsored by Mission Hills Methodist.


1980:Troops 218 and 219 are reunited as Troop 20 sponsored by Mission Hills United Methodist.


1998-99:Troop 20 absorbed Troop 226 which had been sponsored by St. Vincentís Catholic Church.


About 2012, Cub Pack 20 absorbed Cub Pack 19 which had been sponsored by Francis Parker School.


†††† Traditionally, Troop 20 has been a High Adventure Troop with lots of hiking, camping, and backpacking adventure.