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Scout Troop 20 has been serving youth in Mission Hills since 1918.  The Troop’s long life is a result of the many dedicated volunteers from the schools and churches in Mission Hills.  Scout Troop 20 and Cub Pack 20 is a result of the merger of Scout Troops and Cub Packs from the Mission Hills Congregational Church (now the Mission Hills United Church of Christ), St. Vincent’s Parish, Grant School, and Francis Parker School.  Troop 20 and Pack 20 are now sponsored by the Mission Hills United Methodist Church (MHUMC).  For a detailed history of the Troop click here.   


And what about the pelican?  The mascot Pelican was originally a Merit Badge project of one of the Scouts back in 1938 when Taxidermy was still a Merit Badge possibility.





Cub Scouts are kids in grades K through 5 (sorry, not for pre-K or TK).  Youth who are older than 10, or who have completed the 5th grade, can no longer join Cub Scouting.  The kids are organized in Dens by grade level:  Lions for Kinders, Tigers for 1st Graders, Wolf Scouts for 2nd, Bears for 3rd, and Weblos Scouts for 4th and 5th Graders.  Children may join at any time and join their appropriate grade level Den without having to complete the prior Cub levels.


Scouts BSA.  Youth in the 6th grade may join the Senior Scout Program and must complete the program by the time they reach age 18 (although there are other co-ed Scouting programs that continue past age 18 like Venturing and Sea Scouts). 


Fees.  Pack 20 registration fees run just under $100 per year.  Troop 20 has a $360 yearly registration fee that goes to pay for the program and for outings and badges, etc.  This fee is paid by December of each year to maintain registration in the Troop and in Scouting.  Part of this fee goes to the National Boy Scouts of America and part of it stays with the local Pack or Troop to pay for supplies, awards, badges, etc.  All of the adults at the Pack, Troop and District level are unpaid volunteers … parents of Scouts … just like you.  Many of the adult volunteers are former Scouts who realize the value of the program and wish to give back to others.  In addition there are costs for Summer Camp, usually about $500 per Scout which is optional, but Scouts are strongly encouraged to attend Summer Camp with the Troop.   


Uniforms.  Lions wear T-Shirts.  Other Cub Scouts wear blue uniforms.  Weblos Scouts and Senior Scouts have tan uniforms.  Since the boys quickly outgrow their uniforms, please check with adult leaders for re-purposed uniforms from our “uniform box”.  Uniforms are never required, but we usually can piece together a uniform for a Scout who cannot afford one.


Schools/Religion/Girls/Youth Protection.  Youth from any school, any faith, any sex may join.  Our Troop/Pack history details a combined history of all the schools and churches in Mission Hills.  Although Pack 20 and Troop 20 are sponsored by the MHUMC, there is no religious requirement or training.  In 2018 girls were invited to join Cub Scouts.  This does not mean the program is co-ed.  Girls are in separate Cub Dens.  At the Senior Scout level (middle school and high school) girls, starting in 2019, are in a parallel program (different/separate Scoutmaster) that will feature the same outdoor skills, leadership, and standards . . . and which will lead to the Eagle Scout rank.  For a further discussion of Religion/Sex/Abuse issues click here.


Parents.  Another request is having a parent willing to help the Pack or Troop.  Parents are also strongly encouraged to become a registered adult of Scouting, becoming a voting member of the Troop or Pack Committee, and taking two short on-line training courses.



The Program


Scouting is a proven program to teach life lessons, outdoor skills, character development, self-assurance, respect for others, citizenship training, mental and physical fitness, and leadership. 


The Cub Scout program is mostly fun and games and is led by the Cub’s parents using a format and resources provided by the Boy Scouts of America. 


Advancement in Cub Scouting is automatic by grade level.  Kids joining in the 3rd grade, for example, would automatically join their peers in the Bear Den all working together to earn the Bear patch.  Lions have fun and earn stickers and attend some age appropriate Pack Meetings.  The Bobcat Rank is an introductory step to be completed by all Cub Scouts (except Lions) when they join.  Cub Scouts learn skills and earn belt loop awards.  Webelos Scouts earn pins and can work toward the coveted Arrow of Light Award as they transition to Boy Scouting. 


Scouts BSA is a youth led program and is designed to foster leadership skills and develop character.  Parent volunteers make the program possible, but the young men and women themselves are expected to provide the leadership with the senior Scouts teaching the newer Scouts.   


There are specific national requirements for each rank:  Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Star, Life, and Eagle Scout.  The Boy Scout program ends when the young man turns 18.  But many Scouts continue in Scouting with Venturing, Explorer Scouts, Sea Scouts, or helping a Pack or Troop in an adult role.  Unlike Cub Scouts, advancement in Boy Scouts is earned by demonstrating skills, performing community service, earning Merit Badges, and providing leadership.  The Merit Badge program in Boy Scouts provides youth with a wide assortment of skills they may never have a chance to experience otherwise. 


Adult Committees.  Both the Cub Pack and the Boy Scout Troop are administered by Adult Committees consisting of the parent volunteers (called “Scouters”) and parents are expected to participate.  A required hour on-line training is required for parents called “Youth Protection Training” and parents should retain the certificate of completion of this course which emphasizes the requirement that at least two adults are required to be present at ALL Scout activities. 



Cub Scout Pack 20

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A Cub Scout Pack is organized in Dens by grade level.  Dens are led by Adult Den Leaders.  Dens meet twice a month and they come together once a month for a General Pack Meeting (or hike or campout).  The kids learn new things and have fun with a purpose.  The Church’s Scout Room is available for Den Meetings but meetings may be held elsewhere. 


Boy Scout Troop 20

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A Boy Scout Troop is organized in Patrols led by Boy Scout Patrol Leaders.  The entire Troop is led by a Boy Scout called the Senior Patrol Leader, who is elected by the Scouts in the Troop.  The Scouts plan their own outings which may include hiking, camping, High Sierra trips, scuba diving, etc. subject to availability of adult supervision.  Troop 20 meets weekly on Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm to 7:30pm in the Scout Room.  The Troop normally goes together for a week long Scout Summer Camp.


Scouting in Mission Hills


Troop 20, as part of the Boy Scouts of America, has stood for character development, outdoor skills, and values-based leadership training for over 100 years.  We invite your family to join our time-tested program in Mission Hills.


How to Join


Email one of the contacts below.


Contacts + Links


The following email addresses have spaces added before and after the “@” sign in order to prevent spam messages.  These spaces must be removed before using these emails.


Pack 20:  cubmaster20 @ gmail.com   (remove the spaces before using this email)


Troop 20:  info @ Troop20sd.org   (remove the spaces before using this email)


Church Sponsoring/Chartering Organization:  www.mhumc.net


San Diego – Imperial Council BSA:  www.sdicbsa.org


Pack 20 Logo white


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Pack 20

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